About Us

We are an innovation-focused actuarial and underwriting team, predominantly partnering with startups and investors within the insurance industry. 

We help our clients to understand, communicate and manage the key uncertainties facing their business whilst leveraging new thinking and technologies to bring about change.

Through our work, we are committed to helping turn unique ideas into great results.

Our Services

Core Actuarial

Expert advice across pricing, reserving and capital modelling and management.

Innovation Advisory

Helping innovators understand and communicate the financial impact of their ideas. Helping established companies to interpret and engage with innovation happening elsewhere in their market.

Risk Advisory

Advice targeting best practice in enterprise risk management. For insurance clients, helping to navigate the regulatory challenges presented by Solvency II.

Training & Development

Demystifying modelling and regulation for management. Helping actuarial teams to build strong technical foundations at all levels.

Business Analytics

Drawing together actuarial skills and powerful predictive modelling techniques to drive deeply informed business decision-making.

Research & Collaboration

Working collaboratively with partners in industry to ensure that good ideas make it past the drawing board.

Some notes from
our adventures…


Note #7: We helped an insurance investor understand just what peer-to-peer dynamics might do to normal industry profits…


Note #32: We learned that the machines are coming. Underwriters are safe for now, but there are a lot of interesting things on their way…


Note #12: We helped a company explore a key tension in innovation: customer engagement versus profit-per-policyholder…